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Join our Round Table Conversation...

An Invitation
Each session of Spiritual Astrology ends with an invitation to join our conversation.
Please send your comments or queries about that session to 'astro-friend' Betsy at with Astrology in the Subject line.

Betsy is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrology and subscribes to its code of ethics. She will respond, and also use your suggestions for planning future sessions. (Don't be surprised if some questions are answered with a request to "Stay tuned—this matter will be addressed in an upcoming session...")

We had thought, originally, of presenting this material as an eCourse—but the informal format of the Round Table makes the material more widely available. Those who save these pdf sessions will have the equivalent of an eCourse over the months to come.

We can also be contacted for:

Referrals to professional astrologers in the Los Angeles area.

• One-time in-person appointments at our Los Angeles office for those who have their birth charts and are open to the spiritual astrology style described in our Round Table (note: such a meeting would be solely for the purpose of getting started in the study of spiritual astrology—not as a substitute for the in-depth services offered by a professional astrologer).

PLEASE NOTE ~ we're not able to offer:

Online consultation about specifics of natal charts (for example, "My chart has the Moon in Virgo in the 5th house—what's that about?") or any sort of event-oriented responses to a chart, such as timing of decisions, predictions, relocation, or medical, political, or financial advice.

Phone, Skype® or postal mail exchanges—So many charts—so little time!!

We look forward to hearing from you!