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Length: 114 pages, illustrated with 15 color reproductions of museum art from the 14th century and many black and white illustrations.

Price: $12.00 (US$)

The biblical Mary makes only nine appearances--but her story has been expanded upon from the earliest days of the Common Era.  In apocryphal writings, and later in sacred art, over 100 episodes of her parents' life and Mary's girlhood emerged...and were embraced by those longing for traces of the holy feminine.    

The legends of Mary's girlhood form a bridge between the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.  They are, also, a source of wisdom today for seekers of all backgrounds.  In The Legends of Mary's Girlhood, this rich body of folklore is viewed through the lens of Jungian psychology--an approach in which long-lived archetypal stories are explored as mirrors of internal truth.

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"I found your website and the book about young Mary just as I was reading "Traveling with Pomegranates" by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann Kidd Taylor. Sue and Ann write about Mary as an old lady, and you are writing about her as a girl. And all three of you find yourself in her story. Now it feels like I have bookends for Mary's life, and that is a gift. Thank you."
Melanie Jannisec, Bronx, New York City


"One of the best things about this book is how these 2000-year-old legends are made relevant to today. I found my own life reflected in the stories of Mary's girlhood. There's a reason they've survived."
E.K., Chicago


"Who knew there was so much beautiful artwork about the young Mary? I thank the Center for bringing this visual prayer material to me and to others."
John, Wisconsin


"I want to say thanks for offering an eBook in pdf format. This way I can print it out and make notes, etc. The hand-held devices are great for certain uses, but will never replace pages of paper. I made a cover for my pages, and it feels like I have a real book. Why don't you get this published by a book publisher?"
New York City

Dear Ruth, Thanks so much for your appreciation of our eBook. As to why we haven't had it published by a book publisher--well, believe us when we tell you that for over 25 years that's what we tried to do. The big glitch for everyone we talked with was how expensive the color art was (both to get permissions for book use--much more expensive than eBook use--and to reproduce full size). We weren't willing to settle for black and white of the gorgeous artwork, or tiny thumbnail versions of it, so when the eBook opportunity came along (the idea of our wonderful webmaster, Cassi) we felt this was the way to go. Our dream: that some day a publisher will want to publish The Legends of Mary's Girlhood as a "book-book" WITH full size color art--maybe that will happen! Meanwhile, it's here for awhile for all to enjoy. Thanks for your interest, Ruth!
The Center Staff
Los Angeles