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THE PICTURE LOVER'S LEGACY: The Last Journal of Arthur O. Ross

(The fruition of The Stories of Holy Longing)

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THE PICTURE TENDERS by Betsy Caprio Hedberg

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Los Angeles psychotherapist Arthur Ross (pseud.) authored three volumes of a spiritual memoir:

The Picture Collectors
The Picture Tenders
The Picture Heirs,

covering his outer life and inner soul-searching between 2010 and 2013.
Drawing on his family’s Orthodox Christian roots in Russia then in northern California, plus his intensive Jungian training, Arthur traces the
increasing awakening to the holy in his life.

In each volume, color art of many sorts accompanies this 21st century modern man’s spiritual quest.  This legacy volume has added artwork—and a beautiful astrological birth chart.


It was with great distress that Arthur Ross’s family, friends and publisher learned of his sudden death on February 1st, 2015. 
To honor Art and his legacy, the Center for Sacred Psychology has commissioned this memorial volume, which includes a report of his passing, tributes from family and colleagues, excerpts from Art’s last year of journaling—with his own artwork, and also summaries of study sessions held at his home office on:
· Icons and spiritual practice
· Stories of the soul: fairy tales and saints’ legends
· Sacred Geometry in daily life. 

Length: 66 pages, richly illustrated with vintage graphics, sacred art, maps, original collages, cartoons. A work of fiction; scribe and picture researcher, Betsy Caprio Hedberg, Center for Sacred Psychology.

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