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For several years, our Soul Food menus have offered Main Courses, Guest Caterer Specials, and lighter Desserts & Snacks. All these nourishing meals are still available in the Soul Food Archive.

Welcome, now, to our Soul Food Round Table, where seekers meet to share ideas about the spiritual life, especially from the viewpoint of C.G.Jung's analytical psychology. At the Round Table, staff members are joined by guest-explorers. Online readers can contribute as well. Each bi-monthly conversation is available to viewers in pdf format, with previous sessions stored in the Round Table Log.















Our initial Round Table series examines spiritual or transpersonal approaches to the ancient art of Astrology—and, as viewers can imagine, Astrology as soul food is very different from pop culture horoscope predictions:

There's a good reason this old woodcut picture shows up again and again. It speaks so eloquently of the belief, since earliest times, that study of the starry skies offers spiritual wisdom about the matters of earth: "When I behold the heavens…the moon and the stars which You set in place, what am I...?" asked the psalmist. Ever since, other seekers echo: As Above, So Below.

For over thirty years, our Center has used a spiritual approach to astrology as one of many adjuncts to psychotherapy and spiritual direction, following a well-worn path carved by sacred traditions over the centuries.  In modern times, C.G.Jung pursued astrological studies and found his clients' natal charts—their "maps of the soul"—helpful in his work.  A 1930 memorial address honoring Richard Wilhelm found Jung saying,

"Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity."

Those familiar with the Myers-Briggs Typology Index or the Enneagram already have models of how astrology —a much older and far-more-holistic lens for viewing the soul—might inform spiritual practice. At the same time, we want never to forget the words of the Native American Pueblo chief:

"What we do, we do not only for ourselves...but for the whole world."

Now we invite online guests to our Soul Food Round Table to explore ideas on Spiritual Astrology,

beginning at Square One for those new to this fascinating study

All are welcome. Just read along—or Click Here to Join our Round Table Conversation

Our hope: that many more will soon be "Dancing with the Stars!"



Spiritual Astrology

Session Eleven: Back to the Future

At this Round Table on Spiritual Astrology:
• for the Center: Thomas M. Hedberg, Betsy Caprio Hedberg, Penny Key
• guests: artist Edita and student Phil

July, 2015


Penny: Welcome to our final session!  To begin, a tribute to some other cultures in which astrology is found.  Now, Sophia wants to sit on the picture—let me shift her to my lap.  Settle down, kitty cat…



Past Sessions can be found in the Round Table Log


NEW! For video interviews of Betsy on Spiritual Astrology, please CLICK HERE.   (If you have sharp eyes, you'll note the presence of the Center's black astro-cat, Sophia!)



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